Board & Staff

CAPA (Connecticut Association for the Performing Arts) is extremely fortunate to have a Board of Directors comprised of hardworking and devoted individuals from around the New Haven region. Their time and talent are a huge factor in our success.

Shubert Theatre Administration

Officers Of The Board

  • Leonardo H. Suzio
  • Ruby H. Melton
  • Michael Bailey
  • Matthew Susman

Board Members

  • Adriane Jefferson, Ex-Officio
  • Alexander Clark
  • Amy Migliore
  • Diane X Brown
  • Dr. Dolores Garcia-Blocker
  • Drew Alden
  • Elizabeth "Betsy" Herlihy
  • Erik Scaranuzzo
  • Frances "Bitsie" Clark
  • Franklyn D. Reynolds
  • Jeff L. Hubbard
  • Jacquelyn Courtmanche
  • John R. Emra
  • Mayor Justin Elicker, Ex-Officio
  • Karaine "Kay" Smith-Holness
  • LaKisha Jordan
  • Michael Loftus
  • Patricia Melton
  • Richard Helmreich
  • Shay Atluru
  • William McAndrew

Shubert Theatre Production

  • Anthony DeFrancesco
    Head Carpenter
  • David Reilly
    Master Electrician
  • Thomas Quagliano
    Sound Technician
  • Donna Maher
    Wardrobe Mistress
  • Joe Miko
    Properties Manager
  • Jason Kosko