Indie Lens Pop-Up Film Screening II

Feature Film: Razing Liberty Square

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Razing Liberty Square - January 18, 2024

Filmmakers: Katja Esson (director/producer), Ann Bennett (producer) and Corinna Sager (producer)

Liberty City, Miami, was home to one of the oldest segregated public housing projects in the U.S. Now with rising sea levels, the neighborhood’s higher ground has become something else: real estate gold. Wealthy property owners push inland to higher ground, creating a speculators’ market in the historically Black neighborhood previously ignored by developers and policy-makers alike.


Breaking the News - February 22, 2024

Film by Heather Courtney, Princess A. Hairston, Chelsea Hernandez, and Diane M Quon
Frustrated by the lack of representation in the media, a group of women and LGBTQ+ journalists launched The 19th*, a digital news startup whose work is guided by elevating the voices often left out of the American story.


Matter of Mind: My Parkinson's - April 18, 2024

Film by Anna Moot-Levin and Laura Green
Three people—a political cartoonist, a mother-turned-boxing coach, and an optician—navigate their lives with resourcefulness and determination in the face of a degenerative illness, Parkinson’s disease.


The Tuba Thieves - May 9, 2024

Film by Alison O'Daniel
Between 2011 and 2013, tubas were stolen from high schools across Southern California. Against this backdrop, hard of hearing filmmaker Alison O'Daniel generates new sensitivity to sound and meaning in an unconventional documentary experience.