Trailblazing Women of Country

Trailblazing Women of Country

A Tribute to Patsy, Loretta and Dolly

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The Soloists: Miko Marks & Kristina Train

After releasing her critically-acclaimed album, Our Country in March 2021, Miko Marks dove head first into an industry that previously never fully embraced her. She closed out 2021 with her EP release, Race Records, which shined a light on the arbitrary divisions forced upon artists and audiences in the early days of music marketing in the 1940s. Marks was named to CMT’s Next Women of Country Class of 2022 and she stood alongside five other artists and managers chosen to participate in the inaugural Equal Access Development Program, a program designed by mtheory and CMT to foster and support marginalized communities underrepresented in the genre of country music. Now more
than ever, the change needed is beginning to come to fruition; a change Marks feared she wouldn’t bear witness to in her existence: “I get emotional around it, because I didn’t think I would see any of this in my lifetime,” - Marks says.

The Wall Street Journal has described it as a “genre and industry-defying mission.” NPR declared it a “multilayered experience.” The New York Times commended the movement as carving out a new path in country music. All tell the story of Miko Marks’ resurgence as she deftly blends country, blues, southern rock and even gospel to create a sound and experience that has literally brought every audience to its feet. This new sound along with her warm and soulful spirit catapulted her into a community of change with her doing more than breaking ground - she’s shattering it. It’s a serendipitous realization that Marks was meant to be here, at this time, in this moment, for good.

Kristina Train is a Nashville-based musician who splits her time with the UK. Her debut album premiered on Blue Note Records in 2009. Her second solo album was released on Mercury Records UK in 2013. She has toured the world as a feature vocalist and violinist in Herbie Hancock’s band, collaborated with Dr. Dre, performed at The Nobel Peace Prize, and made a fan of Bruce Springsteen. Train's voice is pure, richly embodied and crystal clear, with a recognizable nod to the vocal traditions of Nat King Cole, Roy Orbison, and Dusty Springfield. While her take on modern crooning is familiar, it can also be excitingly idiosyncratic, as showcased in her 2020 release, "We the People."

Show Running Time

The show runs approximately 75 minutes with no intermission.