Community Ticketing Program

This program is designed to provide New Haven-based non-profit organizations with cultural and entertainment opportunities for their constituents in the community who might not have the opportunity to experience the performing arts. Each season, free tickets are distributed to nearly 100 groups in the community through CCC. Performances generally include Broadway, dance, and family events.

I believe children should be exposed to other cultures early in life; it makes for better understanding of different people. Thank you very much!

C.W., Village Grandparent

Program Information - Currently on hold! Applications will come out after January 1, 2022.

Who Can Apply?

Any NEW HAVEN-BASED organization or group may submit an application whose constituents would otherwise not be able to afford tickets to Shubert events AND is able to organize and implement activities for their group OR serves families, teens and/or adults. Groups may be as formal as an established not-for-profit organization, or as informal as a blockwatch or neighborhood group. PLEASE NOTE: Only ONE application per organization/group will be accepted.

How are groups chosen to participate?

Groups will be organized by type (example: youth service, religious, social service, neighborhood, school,etc.) and then a percentage from each category will be randomly selected based on the total number of applicants submitted and amount of dollars secured for this program.

If our organization is selected to participate, what will we receive?

Up to 10 complimentary tickets to attend at least one Shubert event scheduled between October 2018 and June 2019. If we are unable to offer your organization/group tickets at the beginning of the season, we will retain your name on file in the event additional shows/tickets become available during the season.

Is it possible to receive more than 10 tickets?

The number of tickets distributed through CAPA Community Connections is based on funding received by the Shubert from corporations, foundations and individual donors who underwrite this program. In order to serve as many New Haven-based organizations/groups as possible, we must limit the number of tickets to a maximum of 10 tickets for at least one Shubert performance. PLEASE NOTE: Children under the age of three and babes in arms will not be permitted into the theatre - and EVERYONE regardless of age is required to have a ticket.

Where will our seats be located in the theater?

Participants will be seated in good seats*, based on availability. Tickets will be given to the CAPA Community Connections leader who in turn will be responsible for distributing them to members of his/her organization. *Prior arrangements MUST be made for people who require special accessibility. Please call 203-773-4307 if you will be bringing patrons in wheelchairs.

What is the cost to participate?

There is no cost to the selected organization(s). CAPA Community Connections is made possible by CAPA/Shubert Theatre through support from corporations, foundations and individual donors.

How can I get more information?

Please call Kelly Wuzzardo at the Shubert Theatre at 203-773-4307 or email